Should your site be developed in a CMS or straight HTML?

Jul 4th, 2016 | Insight

When planning the development of your new website there’s one important question to start with, do you want your site to be easily edited after delivery? If for instance you want a simple landing page or you’re creating a full site with content that won’t be changing again for a long time, this can generally be handled with a simple HTML build. This is always going to be the cheapest option, since the backend setup will be the quickest. If you find that there are going to be a lot of changes in the future, such as a constantly updated project or product gallery, a CMS might be a good choice for you.

The benefits of a CMS are endless, but will depend upon your needs. New, user friendly Content Management Systems have been developed to make a basic design easy to create, but are filled with many limitations. Basic sites without complex tools can be made using template-based CMSs like Wordpress, Wix, and Squarespace (to name a few), but when faced with the flexibility of custom code, these sites may not offer enough.

Having your site developed in a CMS like Drupal, normally can offer the greatest solution to your needs. While this may be a bit more costly, there are virtually no limits to what can be shown on your site while offering editing capabilities to your team once it has been launched. Supported by Bootstrap, designers know how to design smart with a wireframe that helps translate your desktop page design into a mobile-friendly view. Tools can be built and managed with ease by developers to avoid trouble for company employees when they’ll be managing content.

If you find yourself leaning toward a splash site or a few simple pages, but feel you might need a blog to represent your company, it might be best to have two separate entitles. Google’s spidering can make the best out of you having two domains as well, making your site/company seem more relevant in the grand scheme of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Then all of your basic editing needs for a blog can be hosted on a site like Wordpress’s interface and all edits can be managed internally.

Having a CMS is essential for any organization that will have frequent updates or any site needing complex tools. If you’re feeling competent in developing your own site, take a shot at trying one of the remedial building tools, or contact a team that can manage all of your needs and make a site that can be built strong and reliable.